A little about me and perhaps my future in journalism

Hannah Visser, Special to Postmedia Network
Tuesday, March 22, 2016

trib-032216My mother has been my biggest role model for a long time and she still is.

She has helped me become the strong independent woman that I am today. She has taught me to never be afraid of whom I really want to be, she has taught me to stand up for myself and stand up for what I believe in.

Today women and girls don’t always have the greatest role models. For example, women who post inappropriate pictures of themselves and saying things like, “love your body.” Younger girls will think that is OK and will do the same thing. I want to have a role model who doesn’t do that. I want one who teaches you to love your body in a different way. I want to teach girls that it is OK to be different. So what if you don’t want to wear makeup; you are beautiful no matter what. I had always had difficulties making new friends. I was always scared to be myself around my friends. My mom taught me if they don’t like you for you than they aren’t your real friends. Because of that I’m not scared to be myself. I like to be goofy and silly. Sometimes I get weird looks from people. I just brush off the rude comments and do my own thing. I was bullied for it but I got used to it and ignored them. My mother has always been with me. Even though she lives in Brantford I always call her when I need her motherly advice. She is going to school to become a lawyer. I am so proud of her. I hope one day that I will grow up to be just like her.

My name is Hannah Visser. I am 18 years old and go to Lakeshore Catholic Secondary School in Port Colborne. I am spending the next several weeks working at the newspapers because I have a strong passion for photography. I love to take photos of landscapes. When you take a photo it’s like you’re frozen in time. When you look back at that photo you actually remember what you did that day.

I hope one day I will travel the world and take photos of different places and tell people what is in that photo and why I took it. I want to take photos that have a meaning behind them and tell people my story one day and tell them why I became a photographer. Taking photos is like an escape for me, it helps me think on what I have to do on that day and helps me relax. I want to become a professional photographer and take photos for well-known magazines like National Geographic. They take amazing photos and I hope one day I will be as good as them.

I have two older brothers. Andrew is 22 years old and Phillip is 20 years old. I haven’t seen them in a while. Andrew is in school in B.C. for creative writing and Phillip lives in Huntsville, he is back in school for eight weeks. We all get along really well, but sometimes we fight; that’s what siblings do. They both come down during Christmas and we always have a blast together.

I lived in Woodstock for most of my life, but I moved to Port Colborne in Grade 7. The first day of school was hard for me. I got made fun of for a bit but slowly it stopped, I made friends on the first day where I didn’t think I would. I was terrified I was at a public school for half of my life then when I moved in with my mom I had to go to a Catholic school, I wasn’t used to praying all the time, but I got used to it. In Grade 7 I was tested to see if I had a learning difficulty, my old school never did anything about it. I was behind in everything in my grade. I have always had problem remembering things. My step dad would sit with me for a long time and help me with my math homework and other subjects. He helped me be the woman I am today; he helped me realize that my learning difficulty isn’t what makes me who I am today.

I had an opportunity of having my co-op at The Standard in St Catharines, I have been able to go on assignments with the photographers here and get advice on how to use my camera and how to make my photos a little bit better. I have had my pictures in the newspaper that made me really happy. Someday I would like to have one of my photos on the front page, I hope while I am here I will be able to go on my own assignments and take photos. This experience is going to help me find out if I really want to be a photojournalist; I am so happy to be here, every day is a new adventure.